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Gary Aiko, Legendary Hawaiian Singer

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Jerry Bird & Friends - Sand Jerry Byrd & Friends - "Sand"
This video is from a 2000 broadcast of Na Mele: Traditions in Hawaiian Song, "Jerry Byrd & Friends" produced by PBS Hawaii. The musicians are: Jerry Byrd - steel guitar, Hiram Olsen Jr, rhythm guitar, Dennis Keahokalole, ukulele, and Gary Aiko - upright bass and vocals. ©2000-2011 PBS Hawaii.
Gary Aiki & Tony Bee Keawe `Ohana Performance February, 2010
Gary & Tony Bee - "The Alphabet Love Song"

Gary and Tony, cousins in real life, were original musicians at Honey's in Kaneohe with Don Ho. This song was in their repitoire and was always a great hit in the "Suck'em Up" days at Honey's and Dukes in Waikiki. Aunty Momi Bee Kahawaiola`a, Tony's sister (and Gary's cousin) accompanies them on the guitar.